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Change is in the air. We have changed our name to National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry, moved our offices, and expanded the region we serve. At the same time, geopolitical changes affecting the development and security of Jewish communal life are taking place in the countries of Eurasia, from Poland to Georgia. Most disturbing is the civil strife in Ukraine, which has markedly increased the region's instability and raised concern for the safety of more than 300,000 Ukranian Jews.


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NCSEJ and Druzya DC hold young leadership event at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

As I look back over my first full year as Chairman, I am amazed at how much we have accomplished. From the very beginning I intended that we would try new paths, and we have. We joined with Hillel and established an award honoring the late Senator Lautenberg. We have developed a mutually beneficial relationship with the World Jewish Congress that recognizes the value of NCSEJā€™s unique expertise. The office is about to move and we have changed our name.

Every Russian Jew in my generation knew of NCSJ. It was our lifeline to freedom outside the Soviet sphere. I now have children the age I was when I immigrated to the United States. They are part of a very different world. I certainly do not want them to romanticize the past, but I do want them knowledgeable enough to reach into the history and culture of Russian Jewry yo enrich their own livesand to inform their perspective about the past and future.