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It has been a busy and uneasy year. The international situation has taken a good deal of our attention.

The Russian and Ukrainian Jewish communities have been affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine. Internal displacement in Ukraine and Western sanctions against Russia have further exacerbated problems and tensions. In addition, Russia's exercise of military and economic might has left countries in the region uneasy with their powerful neighbor.



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Daniel Rubin

These are not things that you do for the honors or for the title of being "Chairman", you do it because it's a part of your life.


This has been the most unusual and intense year of my presidency. In 2014, NCSJ became NCSEJ. The change in name was not simply a rebranding of the organization but an important step into the future. It marked the end of the Soviet Jewry era. The new focus on Eurasian Jewry is more inclusive. A single Jewish community has become many Jewish communities with different histories, traditions, political environments, needs, and problems.  



Mark B. Levin