Dear Friends,


This has been a challenging year.


Problems in Ukraine remain unresolved. The Russian Jewish community is thriving even as U.S. - Russian relations have become more strained. Rightwing groups that only recently were considered marginal, now hold elected seats in parliaments across Eastern Europe. If the situation in the region was not worrying enough, politics here at home have also posed new challenges.


Daniel Rubin

Dear Friends,


The past year has been a busy one for NCSEJ, and the coming year promises to be just as filled with challenges.


Political change is sweeping through the Western world and how new governments will confront anti-Semitism is being carefully watched in Eastern Europe and the former states of the Soviet Union. Any signs of weakness in the resolve to fight anti-Semitism by the West could have catastrophic repercussions in less stable areas of the world.


Dear Friends,


Three months after I immigrated to the United States, the Soviet Union came to an end. Growing up in the Soviet Union I could not imagine that I would become an American citizen or that the USSR would cease to exist. I was not alone. Four hundred fifty thousand Russian Jews immigrated to the USA and more than a million went to Israel.


We constituted the best-educated generation in Soviet history.




Mark B. Levin

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