A Message from NCSEJ CEO, Mark Levin on COVID-19

Bucharest, Romania October 28, 2019 -- NCSEJ Meets with Monica Gheorghita, State Secretary of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bucharest, Romania October 28, 2019 --  NCSEJ meets with Israel Ambassador to Romania David Saranga at the Choral Temple

Washington D.C. December 10, 2019 | Board of Governors Meeting

Author David Lowe discussed his new biography of former NCSEJ Chairman, Morris B. Abram

Washington D.C. December 10, 2019

Board of Governors Meeting


Romanian Ambassador to the United States George C. Maior and NCSEJ CEO Mark Levin

Washington D.C. December 10, 2019

Board of Governors Meeting


Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, and Lithuania John F. Tefft, NCSEJ Chairman Daniel Rubin, and CEO Mark Levin  

Washington D.C. -- NCSEJ President Alexander Smukler and State Department Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues, Cherrie Daniels, speak at the NCSEJ Board of Governors Meeting 

Washington D.C. December 9, 2019 -- NCSEJ Executive Committee meeting with Bulgarian Ambassador to the U.S., Tihomir Stoytchev

Washington D.C. December 9, 2019 -- NCSEJ Executive Committee meeting with Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S State Department's Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs, George Kent.

Jerusalem, Israel January 2020 -- NCSEJ CEO Mark Levin at the World Holocaust Forum with President of Georgia, Salome Zourabichvili and Georgian Ambassador to Israel, Lasha Zhvania

Auschwitz, Poland January 27, 2020 -- NCSEJ Deputy Director Lesley Weiss and Auschwitz survivor Irene Weiss at the 75th commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz with the President of the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine Boris Lozhkin and Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Yaakov Bleich. 

Washington, D.C. February 6, 2020 -- Meeting with Željka Cvijanović, President of Republika Srpska

Washington, D.C. January 20, 2020 -- NCSEJ Deputy Director Lesley Weiss and Irene Weiss, Auschwitz survivor, meet with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Members of Congress prior to their delegation trip to Poland and Jerusalem.

Washington, D.C. March 2, 2020 -- NCSEJ’s Mark Levin and Lesley Weiss with Congressman Brad Schneider at the AIPAC Policy Conference.

Tbilisi, Georgia -- In October, NCSEJ President Alexander Smukler visited Georgia where he met Georgian President, Salome Zourabichvili and the newly appointed Georgian Ambassador to Israel, Lasha Zhvania

Sofia, Bulgaria October 29, 2019 -- NCSEJ Chairman Daniel Rubin and CEO Mark Levin presented the organization’s highest award to Prime Minister Boyko Borisov in recognition of his visionary leadership in foreign affairs and principled promotion of human rights and freedoms.

Sofia, Bulgaria October 30, 2019 -- NCSEJ Delegation meets Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria, head of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Sofia, Bulgaria October 30, 2019 -- NCSEJ Delegation meets with Ekaterina Zaharieva, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria

Bucharest, Romania October 23, 2019 -- NCSEJ delegation meets with Floran Iordache, Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania

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James Schiller


Dear Friends,


I am originally from Baltimore, which most of you know is a very large and active Jewish community. I was close to Shoshana Cardin, who was chair of NCSEJ during the height of Soviet Jewry activism. She was a mentor to me and so many others. We worked together at the Conference of Presidents, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and many other organizations. To be Chair of an organization where she was a great leader has special significance to me.

Mark B. Levin

Executive Vice

Chairman and CEO

Dear Friends,

This has been a challenging year.

Problems in Ukraine remain unresolved. The Russian Jewish community is thriving even as U.S. - Russian relations have become more strained. Rightwing groups that only recently were considered marginal, now hold elected seats in parliaments across Eastern Europe. If the situation in the region was not worrying enough, politics here at home have also posed new challenges.

Protecting the Jews of Eurasia for 50 years


"When someone has an emergency in America, they call 911. When a Jew has an emergency in Ukraine, they call NCSEJ"


-- Chief Rabbi of Dnipropetrovsk, Shmuel Kaminetsky