Dear Friends,


This has been a challenging year.


Problems in Ukraine remain unresolved. The Russian Jewish community is thriving even as U.S. - Russian relations have become more strained. Rightwing groups that only recently were considered marginal, now hold elected seats in parliaments across Eastern Europe. If the situation in the region was not worrying enough, politics here at home have also posed new challenges.


James Schiller

Dear Friends,


I am originally from Baltimore, which most of you know is a very large and active Jewish community. I was close to Shoshana Cardin, who was chair of NCSEJ during the height of Soviet Jewry activism. She was a mentor to me and so many others. We worked together at the Conference of Presidents, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and many other organizations. To be Chair of an organization where she was a great leader has special significance to me.



Mark B. Levin

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NCSEJ 2020 Board Meeting

Tuesday December 8, 2020


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