Message from Mark B. Levin

Executive Vice Chairman and CEO




This has been a challenging year.


Problems in Ukraine remain unresolved. The Russian Jewish community is thriving even as U.S.-Russian relations have become more strained. Rightwing groups that only recently were considered marginal, now hold elected seats in parliaments across Eastern Europe.

If the situation in the region was not worrying enough, politics here at home have also posed new challenges. It is important to remember that NCSEJ is not a partisan organization. However, NCSEJ does stand for a set of principles.


Our long history as Jews has repeatedly demonstrated that we thrive best in countries with a secure legal system and democratic government committed to the rights of all people. We seek to reinforce the fragile democratic institutions characteristic of the region. We seek to facilitate the efforts of Jewish communities to engage their governments and to exercise their rights.


We recognize that anti-Semitism can assume many guises including anti-Zionism, which targets the legitimacy of the State of Israel. Our history has taught us that we must take a forceful stand wherever, whenever and in whatever guise anti-Semitism appears.


Historically, Jews and Jewish communities have too often been the target of direct state-sponsored abuse. Today, fortunately, that is not the case. NCSEJ monitors the implementation of laws that protect the well-being of vulnerable communities in our region.


Our members include individuals and groups that hold a wide array of political positions. For more than forty-five years we have worked together to make the issues confronting Jews in the region a bipartisan concern for Members of Congress. We have also successfully collaborated with the executive branch to ensure that the rights of Jews living in Eastern Europe and the Eurasian region are a foreign policy priority.


As an American Jewish organization, our advocacy enhances our mission to inform and educate governments and citizens about enlightened policies advantageous to the advancement of Jewish life and communities in the region. We are advocates, protectors and leaders for a future in which Jews and Jewish communities thrive throughout Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, the Baltics and the Caucasus.